Jenn’s Really Good Nutella Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream

If this first week of November is a glimpse into what Winter will bring, then I say it’s going to be a cold one this year.  The thermometer read – 4 when we awoke and the fireplace was lit as soon as we climbed out of bed, something we don’t usually do until the sun sets.  I’d planned days ago to start my Christmas shopping today and wasn’t going to let  the Weather Network with it’s statements of Arctic air and snow stop me. And just as I was paying for the last of my stocking stuffers the snow did start to come down.

Why does snow seem to make time stand still? Even busy South Granville with it’s weekend shoppers and bumper to bumper traffic looked peaceful and festive.

I think the colder months have a gravitational pull on us all toward Home, the fire, home cooked meals and rest.  Tonight we turn our clocks back bringing the long dark nights of Winter and a time where stories of the past and ghosts in the frost come to life.

Grab a cup (or two) of my Nutella Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s, find a place next to the fire and dream away…

You Will Need

1 cup of milk

1 Teaspoon of Nutella spread

1 Teaspoon of regular powdered hot cocoa (I used Carnation Rich & Creamy hot chocolate)

1 Shot glass of Bailey’s or Irish Cream of your choice (1 shot glass = 1.5 Oz)

Mini Marshmallows

Whipping Cream (optional) – I don’t like whip cream but it looks so pretty!!

Cinnamon to sprinkle over top

1 small pot

1 wooden spoon

1 whisk

Festive mugs (I have a plaid pattern one I use as well as some Christmas ones I love)



Place milk into the small pot over medium heat.

Add the Nutella and allow it to melt into the milk as the milk gets warmer.  Stir or whisk to dissolve completely then add the powdered cocoa.  Use the whisk if you like a frothy consistency.  Let the milk get hot but careful that it doesn’t boil.  Right before removing the pot from the stove, add the shot glass of Irish Cream, stir and pour into mug(s).

I sometimes stop here and either top my hot chocolate off with a sprinkle of extra cocoa and cinnamon. Other times I throw into a handful or mini marshmallows.  If you want to get extra festive, top with whip cream and mini marshmallows.

For a minty twist, I add a candy cane and serve.

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