Autumn on the Pacific Northwest Coast

I’m sitting next to the fireplace at home. It’s a grey Saturday afternoon and the light drizzle outside is the kind that mists your face and leaves tiny droplets on your hair .  It’s October and there’s no hiding the fact it’s getting colder with each day that passes.  I wore a jacket and a warm scarf for the first time on my walk to work this week and the squirrels in the forest were busy collecting food, always a sign of the Season changing.

I do love Autumn on the Pacific Northwest coast. I find solace in the grey. Those dark rainy mornings when I can run a warm bath and enjoy a coffee while watching movies on my iPad and the many walks we take on Sunday afternoons in the forest.  Brown and orange leaves crunching underfoot. Our cheeks bitten by the cold air. And evenings preparing a candle lit dinner. The cats curled up asleep next to the fire.


We’ve not had the first Autumn storm yet. My cupboards however are ready. Stocked with natural beeswax candles and my very favourite Fall scents like salted Caramel, Harvest Apple, Woodfire and forest-y pine scents.


There are ghosts in the air in October, they make the trees go bare and tremble in the cold. They’re in the sudden wind that picks up the leaves on the ground making them swirl about as I drive down farm lined roads. Fields filled with pumpkins ready to be carved with scary faces or made into pies and sage spiced soups.


Autumn on the coast is that wet cold that seeps through all the layers you’ve put on. A bone chilling cold that can only be drawn out by getting into a warm bath or warming yourself next to the fire, hands clutching a hot cup of tea. But it’s home and I love it here.

What is your favourite season and why?

Happy Autumn, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween!!




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