Kissed By A Rose II

“I am a garden of a single rose blossoming in infinite ways.”

-Sonia Azalia

Last year I blogged about some of my favourite rose scented products ( I will link it below if you’d like to read it).  It seems that the warm sun of Summer finds me drawn to the scent and looking at my bathroom the other day I realized how many new products I’ve added to my rose scented collection.


Yardley London has been around for as long as I can remember.  When I was younger I remember thinking of their talcum powders and floral scented bar soaps as something found only in your grandmothers cabinets. Now they’ve either modernized the line or Im getting old but this is my second bottle of their Rose Shower Gel and this classic garden rose scent is sure to please if you’re a rose lover as I am.  $9


These Rose scented fragrance spheres are a coincidental buy.  I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday purchasing bedding and stopped over at the Yankee Candle section to get my favourite Vanilla Cupcake and a Macintosh Apple candle.  I remembered I’d been wanting to get an air freshener for my car as I’d just recently cleaned it so I tried this scent (which I’ve heard many bloggers say is Yankee’s top seller) and only upon arriving home realized it is rose scented.  Sable Rose air freshener $8.99



These sheet masks are a must in my shower.  I use them religiously once a week.  They’re so easy to use, they’re not messy and can work their magic while I read or watch shows on my computer from the comfort of my tub.  Recently I came across these new ones with Rose Oil and Cherry Blossom. They have a slight tingle when you first place them on the skin because of the Hyaluronic Acid in them (so I wouldn’t suggest exfoliating beforehand) but that goes away quickly so you can sink into it’s subtle rose scent. Wear for 15 – 20 minutes, peel off gently and splash your face with cool water.  Life Brand Facial Masks – 3 for $5 at Shoppers Drugmart


I discovered this gorgeous Rose Face Mask during a visit to the Body Shop in Whistler a couple of years ago and have been hooked ever since.   It smells divine and has the consistency of a honey like gel with tiny flecks of rose petals in it.  I use this mask every 2 weeks or so after cleansing my skin and it leaves your face, as the label says, plump, soft and with the most lovely rose scent.  British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask $26



Stella by Stella McCartney (yes Paul’s daughter) perfume is her homage to the English Rose.  With essential oils of Rose, Peony Flower, Mandarin, Rose Absolute & Amber, this fragrance is full bodied, mysterious and seriously feminine.  For some reason I always seem to wear it in the colder months (it smells like you should be wearing a cashmere sweater with it) but because of the rose products I’ve been using in the shower lately,  I’ve gravitated toward this perfume in the summer this year.  It’s quite powerful so 1 spritz is all I use (hence how long this bottle has lasted).   $90


Although my bath ritual slows down a little in the Summer, I still keep my Lush Bathbomb basket stocked in the off event we get a rain storm or I need to catch up on my Gilmore Girls obsession on Netflix.  Tisty Tosty is one of Lushs’ BathBombs I always have in my stash.  It’s Rose, Jasmine and Geranium scent only compliments the show of rose buds that fall out of this bathbomb as it dissolves in the warm water.  The bathroom smells of roses for hours afterward and I always have one in my travel bag when we take our winter trip to Whistler for a romantic warm bath for two after a day in the snow.   Tisty Tosty Bathbomb  $ 6.75


As a Certified Aromatherapist I work only with therapeutic grade Essential Oils.  This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good fragrance oil.  Browsing my local dollar store a while back, I found this lovely rose fragrance.  I add about 8 drops to a sprayer bottle filled with water ( I also add lavender essential oils to this mixture) and use it as linen spray.  Nothing is more lovely than to climb into bed to fresh rose scented sheets.  I also spray it straight onto wet clothes before they go into the dryer. Tea Rose Fragrance $2 Dollar Store.



I use completely different makeup in the Summer than I do in the Winter.  During Spring and Summer I gravitate toward cream based makeup; tinted moisturizers, cream contour and highlight sticks and this creamy pink blush that leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh.  This blush stick in Radiant Rosette is by Joe Fresh.  I picked it up a couple of months ago and haven’t used any of my other blushers since.  It’s a true rosey pink with built in highlight and I use it both on my cheeks and lips. It give just the perfect pop of flush to bronzed skin and I think I’ll be loyal to this shade for years to come.  $12 The SuperStore


If you love all things rose, I hope you’ve found something here to try.  As always, drop me a line with blog topic suggestions or questions.

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