What Is Hygge?.. And Why You Need It In Your Life Now

You know that feeling when the season changes and suddenly the days are shorter and nights are crisp?. You light the fireplace, make a comforting meal and life becomes more about home.  Or maybe on a balmy spring afternoon after a picnic in the park, the rain begins to fall and you find yourself sheltered at a warm pub, enjoying a drink and the company of friends.  Or that feeling when Christmas is near; walks in the snowy woods and the spirit of generosity and gift giving.  For most of my life I called that feeling ‘Cozy’. Little did I know that across the world in the nordic countries, particularly in Denmark, this feeling, this spirit has a name and it is called Hygge (Hoo-Ga).

In North America and where I live in Vancouver, I rarely encounter another person who really enjoys the dark half of the year.  I listen as people relentlessly complain about the weather and I nod in sympathy while really, inside, I’m feeling quite excited, warm and fuzzy.

Hygge is defined as: 1.The art of building a sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive. 2. To create well-being, connection and warmth. 3. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other. 4. Celebrating the everyday.

Some say Hygge isn’t something to be defined but rather to be felt and I read recently (and loved) : “It is feeling with the heart”.

Today I want to share some of my photos and my personal list of how I bring Hygge into my daily life and home all year ‘round. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Jennifer’s 13 tips to Hygge every day

  • Spend a few hours or an entire day where you turn off tvs and phones. Enjoy music, journal or play games.
  • Cook a nice comforting healthy meal



  • Dim lights. Use candles for ambience and to scent the home



  • Run a bath with Essential oils, salts or your favourite bubble bath. Create a home spa evening or visit a sauna.
  • Walk in the woods. Collect leaves, pine cones or cedar leaves for pressing between books or for making forest potpourri

Walking in the woods - listening to birds, stop and breathe

  • Pull out the cook books,  read poetry or any book that gives you a feeling of peacefulness and inspiration



  • Make a warm or cold drink you enjoy; herbal iced tea, cocoa or a cappuccino


  • Make a gift for someone’s b-day or create handmade christmas cards with your photography or children’s art.


  • Invite friends or family over for games.  Have a candlelit dinner together or enjoy an evening of story telling, playing music or sharing photos. Host a seasonal party like Solstice, Equinox or a full moon tarot night.  Christmas movie nights are fun too.




  •  Make the bed with flannel sheets and fluffy duvets or cool cotton floral sheets in the summer.

DSC_0199 (1)DSC_0201 (1)

  •  Wear comfy clothes: No belts, jeans, tight clothing or shoes allowed!  Put on your coziest robe and socks.
  •  Fairy lights strewn over armoires, in the kitchen or over the headboard give an instant magical feel to any room.




  •  Invite gratitude into your daily life. Sit in meditation and find beauty in the little things



Happy Hygge-ing to you all!



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