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Recently I decided to focus my blog more on cooking and on the photography of my travels throughout the Pacific Northwest.  I used to do a monthly favourites blog featuring things I was using and loving. If you did enjoy those and want me to continue doing them then comment below or message me and I’d be happy to.

These products I’m sharing today are ones I’ve been using for a a few months and that I am seeing  results using. Maybe you’ll try one of them and like them as much as I have.  I’m going to divide it into Hair Care, Skin Care, Bath & Beauty.


I’ve really been liking the results of using a shampoo followed by a hair masque.  I no longer purchase hair conditioner because my stylist recently told me how companies put a lot of silicone into conditioners to make the hair look shiny when in fact they end up weighing hair down.  Professional grade hair care products, although slightly higher in price are in fact made with better ingredients.  Doing a little research I found Bonacure Hair Therapy by Schwarzkopf.  It’s infused with real rose essential oil and smells just like what I imagine an English rose garden would smell like.  It’s formulated for “stressed hair and scalp” so it’s sensitive if you find other products create irritation.   Bonacure Rose Hair Therapy Shampoo $26 UK

A couple of months ago I was browsing the isles at my local drugstore and was curious about the new Marc Anthony Grow Long Super Fast Shampoo with Ginseng and Caffeine.  It leaves my hair fresh and I don’t know about the growing properties but I did get my hair cut a month ago and it’s practically the same length as before I cut it.  Coincidence? Marc Anthony Grow Long Shampoo $8.99

As for the Hair masque, Moroccan Oil is a line I’ve used for a long time.  The signature scent reminds me of Fall & Winter (because this is the time of year I started using the line for the first time).  This masque is really thick and goes a long way. I leave it in for about 10 minutes and rinse.  The price may seem steep but one jar will last me 3 months easily. Moroccan Oil Hair Masque $45


Rosarco Leave in Conditioning Spray came in my Spring edition of the FabFitFun Box.  It’s a light spray with a milky consistency and you just spray it through towel dried hair, comb and it leaves your hair soft and untangled.  I used it on the ends only since I don’t like my roots weighed down. Works really well and has a light fragrance.


Every night I run myself a bath and use this time to catch up on my favourite Youtubers, makeup tutorials and reading.  I also use the time to apply a good face masque, m favourites being sheet masques.  Sheseido’s benefiance eye masques are infused with Retinol serum (Retinol is Vitamin A).  For weekly use I stick to my lower priced masques by Balea Life Brand, but for a special night out I’ll put these under my eyes for a good 20 minutes while I relax and I swear any puffiness and lines magically erase.  They are expensive so I take advantage of my Shoppers points and when I get a good $100 on my card I indulge in higher end products.  Shiseido $78 for 12 eye masques.

I’ve found that a combination of Retinol and Vitamin C Serum with Feulic Acid has greatly helped my skin.  Retinol helps your skin to renew itself (exfoliate) at a quicker pace, something that is important because after the age of 30, skin turnover slows down which is what creates the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Retinol is very powerful and less is definitely more especially when one of the side effects is peeling skin.  I started to ease myself into using it about 2 years ago by using over the counter brands like Olay and Neutrogena and recently decided to up the % of Retinol.  Strivectin has the highest percentage of retinol in a cosmetic before the next step which would be prescription strength.  I noticed pretty quickly how even and smooth my skin started feeling with this product. My makeup goes on smoothly and my skin tone seemed evened out.  I guess I couldn’t give a review on the long term effects for fighting wrinkles so hopefully I’ll still be writing this blog when I’m 60 and get back to you.  Strivectin $125

Vitamin C serum is something I just started using recently after reading quite extensively about it’s antioxidant effects on the skin, especially in fading dark spots.  I lived in South America during my teenage years and people down there are so used to the sun their entire lives that sunscreen wasn’t even discussed nor readily found in stores.  It wasn’t until my 30’s that I  noticed the damage my skin had gone through so I’m hoping this will work.  I did a lot of comparing and reading reviews on the more expensive Vitamin C serums like Skinceuticals line and was very happy to find this one by Timeless with the same ingredients (like ferulic and hyaloronic acid) at a 1/4 of the price.  Timeless Vitamin C serum with Ferulic Acid. $24 online.

I’ve been a loyal Aveeno customer ever since I developed contact dermatitis years ago.  Aveeno was the only product I could put on my skin.  I saw a commercial recently about Aveeno’s new 60 second in shower facial and was curious so I picked one up.  It’s like a scrub mixed with a moisturizing masque.  Just rub it all over your face and let it sit for a couple of minutes while you lather up or shave your legs 🙂 It leaves the skin cleansed and really soft.

I  discovered Pixi Cosmetics through one of the UK beauty Youtubers I follow and was excited to see it at my local drugstore. One thing about using Retinol is that it takes a few weeks for the skin to get accustomed to it with one of the worst “side effect” being dry, peeling skin.  Another thing is that you have to be careful what you layer over it as if you use Retinol you’ll know, a lot of products will give you a burning sensation.  Pixi’s Nourishing Sleep Mask is a gentle cream mask and contains essential oil of Lavender and seems to be the only product that feels fine on my skin. Once the Retinol has sunk in, I apply a light layer of this mask all over my face and neck and go to sleep.  It’s also an amazing product to take on long haul flights.  Just cleanse your face once you’re in the air, apply this mask and have a snooze then wipe off.  You’ll arrive at your destination with plump and refreshed skin. I think I’ll take it in my carryon for our trip to Jamaica in the Fall.


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Tanya Burr (Youtube Makeup Artist and Vlogger) launches a few new items a year as part of her cosmetics line.  I really love her eyeshadow palettes and wanted to try some of her new products. When I placed my UK cosmetics order of shampoos and body washed on, I saw her new body illuminator and added one to my cart.  It’s a very sheen lotion with a fine shimmer to it so although it isn’t a sunless tanner, I apply it over my bioderma sunless tanner to give my skin a golden glow. The results? creamy golden skin with a chocolaty vanilla scent even my boyfriend said smelled delicious.

I was travelling through Vancouver island recently and stopped in to pick up some provisions at the local Shoppers Drugmart.  As I entered the store through the Beauty Boutique a gorgeous shimmery highlighter caught my eye.  Given we were headed into the woods, I didn’t stop to get a good look.  I then thought about the product for days!  So I went into the S.D once home home and the cosmetician on site was so kind and patient to take me through all the highlighters they had since I didn’t know what brand the one I’d seen was. It was Stila and it has this moussey fluffy texture to it and the pearly glow it gives your skin is to die for.  Did someone say strobing?


Babington house in Somerset UK is a gorgeous hotel in the countryside. I’ve never been but I’ve visited online (and in my mind) a few times.  The Cowshed spa on the grounds makes all their own products infused with essential oils and have funny names like  Dirty Cow, Knackered Cow, Moody Cow and the shower gel I’ve been using: Horny Cow which is a blend of Cinnamon, Rose and Patchouli.

Last but not least, 2 products. One I just started using and the second, I’ve been loyal to for years.
1. Cutex Hydrating Cuticle Oil.  

This year I started getting gel/shellac nails which have been a wonderful time saver.  Instead of my sometimes twice weekly manicures that chipped many times within 2 days, I can relax, cook, clean, hike and blog!  This hydrating oil keeps my mani looking fresh and the skin around my nails soft.  I keep it on the nightstand and brush it on my cuticles then jump in bed and read my book until it’s lights out.

2. Maybelline Babylips. 

For years I’ve made my own lip balm because I’m so allergic to most brands, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t react to.  Enter Maybelline Babylips. I tried one of these a while back because they were on sale for $1.99 and I figured if it didn’t work, I’d throw it away. I’m so happy to be able to use these. They leave my lips really soft, I used them as a base and as a gloss over lipsticks. The Quench scent is a sugary grapefruit flavour that totally brings memories of one launched by Victoria’s Secret around Christmas so every time I smell it I feel all Christmassy which, if you know me and my obsession for Christmas is a major selling point.

I hope you’ve discovered new and enjoyed these products.  I’d love to hear what your favourite products are so drop me a line or message me.



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