The Ritual of Bedtime

At night the energy  turns inward. The home is quiet, lights dimmed and the flannel duvet on the bed invites to restore and dream.  Before I turn the day off the ritual begins. The Ritual of Bedtime.

These are some of habits I’ve adopted over the years.  They put me in a deep state of relaxation.  The world and responsibilities tuned out. My mind focused on rest.

Drawing a Bath:  Fragrant steam rising. Rose scented bubbles. I sink deep, all tension melting from every muscle with the warmth that envelopes me.  The lights are out, the candles giving off their glow, welcoming me to lay back, close my eyes and let go.


Spiced Ayurvedic Milk: Wrapped in a fluffy robe I float to the kitchen.  Warm organic goats milk with honey and cardamom simmer on the stove. A pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg quiet the mind and take me deeper into the ritual.


I sip slowly, breathing, eyes closed savouring the sweetness. My shoulders drop, my forehead relaxes, my throat soothed.  I wrap my hands around the warm cup and smile.

Music: Most rituals use music to put one into certain states.  These ones work for me.


Aromatherapy: In the bedroom a blend of Rosewood, Cedarwood and Mandarin gently scent the space with warm woody notes.  I take the book on the nightstand and read a few pages until my eyes feel heavy.


Reading: A little reflecting on something new you’ve learned, a little gratitude and a little something to look forward to tomorrow are a great way to end the day. I like to write a list of things to do. That way I take them out of my mind and onto paper. If it’s written then I know I won’t forget and this way don’t think about it while trying to sleep.


Meditation: Lights out and I drift off with mindfulness meditation, a wonderful and easy practice that can be done anywhere.

Good Night,




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