November Favourites

“Winter is the season of the imagination more than any other. The landscapes are magically transformed by the snow. That magic extends into everything about winter; the stories, the spookiness, the ghosts in the chimney, the silence of the snow.”

It’s been a stormy month on the coast.  It rained 25 consecutive days in October and it seems November may just break that record because it hasn’t stopped all week.  I am sat at the dining room table next to the window.  It’s 10:20pm and down on the street below I see the street lamp dripping giant raindrop that haven’t let up all day.  Last night a sudden wind storm picked up and I awoke throughout the night to gusts of wind howling through the windows.

November is here and these are the things I have been using and loving.


Using bold colours and jewel tones on my nails during Autumn and Winter is something I look forward to each year.  As soon as I start feeling festive; usually just after Halloween, I like adding glitter to my manicures as well.  This one is a combination I came up with last year and every time I do this mani I get so many compliments and questions of what I’m wearing.  The base is a deep metallic-y wine colour by OPI.  Unfortunately the label fell off so I couldn’t tell you the exact shade.  But you can use any dark red, brown, even black as a base.  As a top coat, I apply Bold Gold #290 by Sally Hansen, a gold and black glitter .  $4.99 at London Drugs.




I  use candles all year long but there is certainly something extra cozy about candles during Fall.  Not only do they create a warm glow in the home but the fragrances that come out at this time of the year are so delicious.  I’m very much a foodie candle person and this candle not only satisfies that craving with the sweet marshmallowiness but it also smells like wood fire. This one will be a must for this season each year if Bath & Bodyworks continues to make it. Marshmallow Fireside Candle by Bath & Bodyworks.



I recently stopped in to a shop in my neighbourhood and saw an eye oil that contained Coffee essential oil. I was intrigued as to why they would use it so I did my own research on the oil and found it has amazing antioxidant, UV damage reversal properties. It also improves elasticity/collagen and has amazing de-puffing and de-wrinkling abilities. I bought a bottle and made myself an all natural night time under eye cream.  I blended it with cypress oil (which has a toning and lifting effect) as well a carrot seed oil.  I can now enjoy the comforting scent of coffee and still get a good night sleep because it also has a calming effect on the nervous system.



Every year I look forward to the Beauty Gala at Shoppers Drugmart.  I buy my tickets a month in advance and usually attend with my sister.  This year my mother joined us. We use it as the day to kick off the Holiday season and enjoy some bonding time before the craziness of Christmas settles in.  With the entry fee of $10 we get a full makeup application at the makeup counter of our choice.  This year my sister and I went with Urban Decay Cosmetics. My mother got a free mani in glittery gold and we had a great girly time.  After our make overs and browsing all the gorgeous cosmetics and perfumes at the store, we filled out the entry forms into the cosmetics baskets giveaway then took a walk down to Starbucks and enjoyed a Holiday drink.  I ordered a Peppermint Mocha and cranberry bliss bar. We sat at Starbucks and had a good catch up and lots of laughing as is usual when we hang out.



I really do try to hold off until the 1st of December before I get into full Christmas movie viewing mode.  We’re moving house this month and I packed all my movie collection away but held off on these, just in case.  Elf, Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Home Alone are definitely the ones I will wait to see until closer to Christmas.  So far I’ve watched the “non-classics”: This Christmas, Four Christmases, The Family Stone & Eloise at Christmastime.  Looking forward to cold wintery nights at our new home, hot cocoa and the best movie viewing of the year.



I can say that I am pretty lucky when it comes to my skin.  I never really went through acne problems in my teens.  That said, I will get the occasional breakout brought on my hormonal fluctuations during that time of the month.  Many of you can probably relate to this.  I’ve tried using salicylic acid and even tea tree oil on breakouts but nothing as worked as quickly as this product.  I discovered it on  Youtube when one of the vloggers I subscribe to featured it.  This month I woke one morning with 2 particularly large blemishes and really wanted them to clear up before a few social engagements that were coming up.  At $25 for the small tube it may seem steep in price but I used it only on the areas that needed and used my regular moisturizer on the rest of my face.  So it should last me quite a long time.  My blemishes were noticeably smaller by the next morning and by day 2 they were almost completely gone.  La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo


This week has been very cold and very rainy as it tends to get at this time of the year.  I had gone shopping and while standing at the checkout decided to pick up a peppermint Aero bar since I hadn’t had one in ages.  When I got home I was craving a warm drink after coming in from the cold so I made myself a decaf latte.  I took a few sips and had a brilliant idea.  I took the Aero bar, broke off a square of chocolate mint and dropped it into my coffee.  Once it melted in turned my coffee into a peppermint mocha!  It might seem strange but it tasted really yummy.



Most of us very well know the dangers of using deodorant with aluminum and parabens.  I’ve been using this natural deodorant for many years.  It’s just water with mineral salts.  It is 100% natural and fragrance free. I like to add my own natural fragrance and into this bottle I added essential oils of rosewood and pink grapefruit.  It keeps me dry and odour free all day. – available at most drug and grocery stores.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my November favourites.  I always love hearing from you. As always, drop me a line if there are any products you can recommend or if you’d like me to review a product.



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