October Favourites

My favourite month of the year has arrived and I’ve been making the best of it enjoying some very Autumnal activities; watching Thanksgiving and Halloween movies and even shopping for needed additions to my Autumn/Winter closet.

Here are the things I’ve been loving in October.


Thumb Rings 

I bought this thumb ring at Blue Ruby. It’s sterling silver with cubic zirconias.  It’s so sparkly and I like wearing it with my moon stone ring (that I wear on my index finger).  Visiting Port Townsend in the summer, my sister and I went into a jewelry store and the girl at the counter had a ring on every finger.  She had a very narrow silver band on her thumb and I thought it was so cool.  After 2 months of still thinking about it, I figured it wasn’t a phase. I’ve been wearing it every day.   http://www.blueruby.com





My boyfriend and I adopted these two little angels on October 3rd.  Merlin was 7 weeks and Salem 3 1/2 months when we brought them home.  They’ve quickly become part of our family and we are so enjoying watching them chase each other around the house and snuggle with us at bed time.  Salem (black cat) plays fetch with his toy mouse like a puppy!  I named them after some of my favourite characters.  Salem, for Sabrina’s cat on Teenage Witch and Merlin for the great Wizard of Britain for the Arthurian legends.




Jo Malone Colognes 

I recently made a trip to the mall. Something I hadn’t done in quite a while since I’m more of a shop online girl.  I wanted to check out what was new for Autumn in clothing, candles and makeup.  I visited Sephora and Bath & Body Works.  Then I stopped in to Holt Renfrew (a high end retail department store in my city) where I checked out the newest products at the Laura Mercier counter and couldn’t miss Jo Malone.  Her scents are amazing!. They are designed to be layered and the sales people are always so generous with free samples.  I really like the combination of Blue Agave & Cacao with either the Red Roses or Peony and Blush Suede cologne. I’ll have to add one of these to my Christmas list.  www.jomalone.com



Knits from Mom

My mother has been a knitter my entire life. As a child she’d make my winter sweaters, sweater dresses, mittens and hats.  I saw this sweater on Pinterest and thought it was adorable so I showed it to her and she made it for me!  I went out the other day and wore it with my Michael Kors flare leg jeans and Nike runners. I got so many compliments.  I’ve decided it’s going to be my go-to Holiday sweater.




Halloween Movies

I’ve been known to really get into the spirit of the Holidays.  As of October 1st it’s Halloween for me!  I’ve been watching all these Halloween classics this month.  I save the horror movies to watch alone because my boyfriend and sisters are too scared to watch them. These however are always safe, fun and get me really excited about dressing up in my costume for the parties at the end of the month.



British Rose 

During my visit to the mall earlier this month  I stopped in to the Body Shop and found this gorgeous new rose scented line.  I love a good face masque and save them for my nightly Aromatherapy baths.  I also purchased the shower gel but the masque will keep me going back for more.  It has the consistency of honey and leaves my skin feeling fresh and plumped. It also smells divine. http://www.thebodyshop.ca





The Latest Scoop

This clothing and home decor store started as a pop up shop around town. They curate such great pieces that they quickly gained a loyal following and now have 3 locations in the city and 1 in Pasadena California. I have never gone in and not found something.  I visit for their amazing, unique clothing.  You will find high and middle range priced clothing.  I will be posting another blog (soon) with an updated version of my “in my closet” series and  will include a couple of jackets I’ve purchased here.  www.thelatestscoop.ca



I really hope you enjoyed my October favourites and would love to hear what shops and products you love.




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