September Favourites

Here are the things I’ve been loving in September.


The Scent of Harvest Season – Yankee Candle Car Fresheners 

I don’t know how they do it but if you closed your eyes and held this car freshener to your nose, you’d immediately be transported to an orchard bursting with ripe red juicy apples.  Apples, apple pie, apples and cinnamon are scents that remind me of my favourite time of the year.  Getting into my car is a pleasure with this bright, cheery, mouth watering apple scent.




My Neighbourhood Restaurant – Gramercy Grill

It’s easy to be anonymous in a big city like Vancouver but there’s something comforting about being part of a community.  Just today I walked into my local sushi joint and was greeted by the hostess who knows my name, same goes with the Starbucks I visit. Actually, the ladies at the cosmetics counter at Shoppers Drugmart know my name too! Gramercy Grill is a small family restaurant a block from our home. They have a decent menu with daily specials, good wine and my boyfriend doesn’t miss out on the game when we step out for dinner because they always have it on at the bar.  This is yet another place where we feel welcome and the hostess escorts us to “our table”.  I like to order the Clam Linguini, it’s so good.  11th & Arbutus St. Vancouver.



Map of the Pacific Northwest – Our Many Journeys

I bought this map of the Pacific Northwest coast a few years ago and have a pin on each of the beautiful locations I’ve had the chance to visit: Tofino, Port Renfrew, Cape Flattery, The Sunshine Coast to name a few.  Our coast is one of the most pristine, wild and breathtaking places on the planet in my opinion and I plan to cover my map in pins. Next stop: The Columbia River Gorge in  Oregon with a visit to Bagby HotSprings. Or perhaps Haida Gwaii?


Mushroom Risotto – The Perfect Camping Meal

I usually make my risotto from scratch but this Summer when we went camping I wanted to be a bit more creative with our meals.  This packaged mushroom risotto is quite tasty and if you’re not the best of cooks who says your food needs to be boring?  I keep a pack or 2 in the pantry for a day when I’ve run out of inspiration or just plain don’t want to spend 2 hours cooking.  Just add water and simmer for 20 minutes.  Sold at IGA Marketplace.



Keeping Warm When The Temperature Drops – Infrared Sauna

I’ve never liked saunas because I loathe feeling hot.  I consider myself and Fall/Winter person and that is because the heat in the summer makes me feel very lethargic  whereas cooler weather and especially rainy days are the ones when I feel energetic and really happy (I’ve suspected Lilly Monster gave me up at birth).  All that said, I tried sauna-ing recently due to a bought of frozen shoulder and I loved it!  Infrared isn’t  stifling like wood burning saunas. The heat mimics the sun’s rays and penetrates deep into the body to heal from the inside out.  Not only does it deeply relax, it also apparently burns 600 calories in an hour session and my skin never looked better.


A Walk Through Music History – The Get Down on Netflix

I’d been anxiously awaiting this series after watching the trailer.  The Get Down is a peek into a nearly bankrupt NYC in the 70’s and how Hip Hop music emerged as disco slowly faded into the background. If you love music you’ll love this history lesson.  Great young actors, art, music and poetry.



3 Day Hair? No Problem – Batiste Dry Shampoo

My week usually goes like this; wash hair, have 2 great hair days.  Day 3, hair starts to look oily and the rest of the week I’m rocking a pony tail.  Some of you may be thinking “she only washed her hair once a week?”.  Yeah, I do! I have very long hair and need the natural oils to nourish my hair so it doesn’t get brittle and dry. I had tried a few brands of dry shampoo in the past and sure, they work but they also look like I emptied a container of baby powder on my head. I walked into my local London Drugs recently and discovered this dry shampoo in dark brown!  It not only is unnoticeable but it also smells great and gives me sometimes an extra 2 days of good, non greasy hair.  Loving this find. They do have blonde shade too.



Potions and Lotions – Making Personal Perfumes

I became a Certified Aromatherapist in 2000 and have had the opportunity to work at and for many spas.  I really enjoy perfumery and my line Pure Attar Luxurious Oils is sold at spas across Canada.  I started making my own perfumes a few years ago and whenever I wear them, people will ask me what I’m wearing.  They’re curious when what they thought was a designer perfume turns out to be a hand made little roll on bottle with a mix of essential oils.  Some of my favourite oils are vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, sage and benzoin.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my September favourites.  Comment below if there are any things you recommend or are loving.







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  1. Nancy Bhawan says:

    You are amazing Jen! I love all your tips and tricks and I love seeing all the amazing food you make. Keep up the great work!

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