Fun Autumn Survey

What is your favourite hot drink for Fall – Hot chocolate always!.  Mulled cider, Starbucks seasonal drinks and Tea.
What Fall clothing item can you not wait to wear – Hats, casmere sweaters, scarves. My velvet skirts and dresses with tights, boots and a leather jacket.
How do you decorate your home for Fall – Lot’s of candles in foodie scents. Soft comfy throws on the sofa. Flannel sheets on the bed.



Are there things you buy for fall. What’s on the list – Bath and BodyWorks Autumn line of hand soaps for the bathrooms and kitchen.  A duvet cover in a Fall pattern or colour.  A new sage plant for the garden which I’ll use to make my pumpkin soup.
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What Fall sports are you looking forward to – Hockey and Football are two I’ve been enjoying in the past few years since I’ve been living with my boyfriend.  I have warm memories when we were first dating of going over to his place in the Fall and watching the hockey game over dinner as well as going to games at Rogers Arena.  Nothing says Fall like Football season. Red and orange leaves on the trees, the house all cozy and warm and the football game on in the living room while I make us some good food in the kitchen.
What Fall traditions does your family have – It starts with the September birthday celebrations. My boyfriend, sister, nephews and 2 brother in laws are Virgos and Libras.
Then, as October approaches,  it’s time to start getting our Halloween costumes ready. There’s our family visit to the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving party at my sisters home.  I make a large feast for Mabon/Witches Thanksgiving which is also the Autumn Equinox and then we have 2 Thanksgiving meals  with mine and Seths family.


Share a recipe for a Sunday Football snackJenn’s Spanish Style Melts:  Slice a baguette into bite size pieces.  To each piece add dijon mustard, salami, a slice of tomato (I sprinkle a little dill on the tomato)  and camembert cheese.  Place these on a baking sheet and roast in the oven at 350 degrees until cheese is melted. Serve with beer or red wine. Football may be an American Past time but in this house, the cook is Latina.
What hobbies are you looking forward to trying this Fall -We just bought a nice camera so I’d really like to learn to use it properly so I can take amazing Autumn photos during our hikes and trips.  I also feel more connected to magick in the Fall, so I will pick up my Tarot studies again.
What activities does your city have to offer during Fall – A visit to the Anthropology Museum is on my list.  The Bloedel Conservatory is really nice to visit followed by a walk in Queen Elizabeth Park.  The Seawall at Stanley Park for fall foliage viewing and the Salmon Hatchery on the Capilano River in North Van are some of my recommendations. A hike at Belcarra Regional Park with a picnic at the beach at Jug Island afterward is a must for Fall.
Is there any music you gravitate more toward during the Fall – Loreen Mckennitt’s album Elemental is one I always play in my car as soon as Summer ends. My favourite from this album is the haunting song Stolen Child.
To Listen:
What are some good Fall books to read – Ghost stories always!  Dark Woods, Chill Waters is a cherished one in my personal library. It’s a compilation of urban legends from around DownEast Main’s small foggy fishing villages.  Lorraine Warrens books including the Demonologist as well as Ryan Buell’s Paranormal State book are spooky and fun. The Gashly Crumb Tinies is so funny as well as the Secret Circle and Twilight series.


What do you like to cook in Fall – I love using my slow cooker. Beef Bourginon and red wine roasts with root vegetables.  Pumpkin sage soup with Panccetta and roasted garbanzo beans. Cabbage rolls with turkey gravy and mashed yams.  Full oven roasted chicken with herbs.  You get the idea, I really love Autumn cooking.

Fall inspired movies you would recommend -Harry Potter!  The Watcher in the Woods. Hallmark’s The Good Witch series.  Insomnia (for the forest ambiance).  Halloween movies like the Craft, Practical Magic, The Covenant, Hocus Pocus and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow play in my home.


What would you do for a Fall date night – Last year I did an indoor picnic for Seth and I.  It was a rainy evening, I made a big nest of duvets and pillows on the living room floor, lit candles and had nice food and wine to enjoy.  I’ll be posting a blog with this idea and recipes later so I won’t give too much away!

I’d love to hear your answers to my survey!
Happy September and Love always,

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