July Favourites

July is my birthday month. It’s been a pretty busy month. Camping, Family, Celebrating, Travelling, Fun!  I’ve still made time to observe the things I’ve been loving and using and doing this month so here they are.

  1. Movies in the Park – Vancouver is hosting it’s annual series of movies in different parks across the city.  What better way to spend a warm summer evening than packing a picnic basket and blanket and watching an oldie under the stars.  I’d really like to see Dirty Dancing, Purple Rain, The Outsiders &/ or Napoleon Dynamite.

movie in the park


2.  Creative Storage – I have a “thing” for candles. By that I mean I have at least 3 candles perpetually burning in different parts of the house as well as a very well stocked back up closet filled with a scent for every occasion and season.  This leaves me with quite a few jars.  Most I recycle but I also like to up-cycle by using these jars, some of which are quite decorative and pretty,  and use them for storing things like cotton pads for makeup removal, our toothbrushes and my ever growing collection of makeup brushes.



3. Revisiting Childhood – I am a bookworm and always have been.  Some of my favourite memories as a child were going to the library with my mother in the afternoons and picking out a couple of books to read for the following two weeks.  Recently I had the idea to repurchase some of the books I so loved as a child.  Luckily it was quite simple thanks for Amazon.  I really want to still get a few I’m missing like the Nancy Drew collection.  These are some of the ones I’ve added to my “childhood books” library. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few.


4. The Cabbage Soup Diet – Ok, I know what you’re thinking but I’ve really wanted to jump start an improved way of eating (as well as shed a few) so I took this “diet” from a book I have and tried it for 7 days.  I lost 4 Lbs, I have completely cut out sugar, bread, pasta, rice and any processed foods (and have zero cravings) and I feel more energetic. It’s basically a cleanse for the first 3 days then slowly reintroduces protein and complex carbs. The way I saw it was a crash course in how my plate should always look (lots of raw veggies ,leafy greens and fruits) as well as a lesson that I’m not really “addicted” to any of the foods I was so afraid of cutting out (I seriously thought I’d be starving all the time which has not been the case at all).  It’s become a lifestyle change and I’ve noticed a change in my anxiety level which has been interesting.  I’m way less anxious when I’m not eating sugar! what’dya know?

cabbage soup diet


5. Under eye circles be gone! –  There are many reason we get dark circles under our eyes. They can be from allergies, lack of sleep or be hereditary.  Whatever the reason for mine, all I know is I don’t want to see them.  Welcome NYX Under Eye Concealer in… Orange??!!  You heard right. Some brilliant makeup artist somewhere (I’ll have to find out who so I can send them a handwritten Thank You card), discovered that orange concealer cancels out a dark or blueish tinge in the skin.  Apply this creamy (Orange) concealer over dark circles and it completely neutralizes the colour. I like to use it when I go out and do a full makeup look (and want to not look like a raccoon).  Try it if you have dark circles, it’ll also be your favourite. Guaranteed.

orange concealer

6. Camping – I am so grateful to live in British Columbia.  Although I live right in the city of Vancouver, I can see the Coastal Mountains from my window and am a 10 minute walk to the ocean.  The best part about July weather is we usually have a few nice hot and dry spells perfect for heading out in the vast wilderness this province has to offer.  So easily accessible by car or ferry you can be in a mountain meadow or camping next to a lake in as little as 2 hours.  This is exactly what I did for my birthday this week.  My boyfriend asked me a few weeks before what I wanted for my birthday and of course my choice was to head up to Northern Vancouver Island for a weekend of camping and fishing and hiking.  We went to beautiful Woss Lake. I haven’t slept so peacefully in a while and awoke to the whooshing sound of ravens wings as they flew above the forest canopy over our tent. I’ll never forget the sound, something you’d never hear with the noise pollution in the city.



7.That Rosy Glow – I’m just as comfortable going makeup less (and shower less) for a few days in the woods as I am in a pretty dress, heels and makeup.  This gorgeous palette by Revlon is a really sweet rose blusher mixed with shimmery highlight. It really makes my cheeks pop and is a lovely shade for daytime. The highlight can be used over the cheek bones, brow bone and nose for a glowing summer look.


8. Junk Food That Isn’t Junk – Someone had a box of these at work recently and I was very pleasantly surprised after reading the ingredients so I went out and bought some for our camping trip.  These bars are great to carry in your bag or keep in the car for a quick snack to tie you over between meals or after a workout.  They’re gluten, dairy, sugar, GMO and Soy free as well as Vegan and  Kosher. Ingredients in the Peanut Butter Bar : Dates, Peanuts and Sea Salt.   Ingredients in the Coconut Bar: Dates, Coconut, Almonds and Cashews.  You can’t go wrong with that!



9. Shopping on the Pacific Ocean – Whenever I get to travel on BC Ferries, I jump out of the car and head straight for the gift shop.  They have the best selection of BC Books and I’ve pretty much bought a book every time.  Books and stories based on the vast and foggy wilderness, forest and beaches along the coast.  Books like the Golden Spruce, Light Years and what I’m reading at the moment: Green River Falling.  Haunting stories and gorgeous photography. They also carry great gifts and souvenirs.  I bought a gorgeous Haida Art coffee mug on my trip to Gabriola Island a few years back and picked up a birthday present from my mom this past weekend on my way to Woss. Can’t wait to see what I find on my next adventure.

BC book section on ferry


Hope you enjoyed this post!  What are you loving this month?



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  1. haha i have a thing for candles too 😉 and congrats on your bday month! the nyx products look beautiful as well <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Love your favourites! The Rosy Glow looks so gorgeous <3

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