Yankee Candle and Lush Haul

Our lymbic system is where emotions and moods are stored.  These emotions can be tied  to scent.  I’m sure you’ve walked past someone on the street with a cologne that immediately reminded you of someone you knew years ago or smelled a soap that took you back to your childhood. Not only is the scent a reminder of the past or person but a specific emotion as well, and it can be either a negative or positive one.

I’m a Certified Aromatherapist and although my studies focused on all natural Essential Oils derived from plant matter,  I also enjoy synthetic fragrances that recreate scents found in our daily lives quite accurately.

The following was a recent splurge at two of my favourite shops.  Yankee Candle had a 2 for one sale so I stocked up with enough candles to last me through to Autumn.  My second purchase was a good collection of bath bombs. I have a bath almost every evening and these help me ease into relaxation.

For immediate use I got the Fresh Cut Roses which is on my nightstand.  Rose is very calming, opens the energy space for love and communication and is such a fresh spring scent.  The second is the Peony candle.  Peonies are my favourite flowers, I have this one above the kitchen sink.

These candles have a long burn time so Im pretty sure these will last me through to Autumn.  Once the weather cools, then I pull out more of my earthy and foodie scents.



The first two (Macintosh Apple and Vanilla Cupcake) will come out around September when the season begins to change but the sun is still high in the sky.  The Pumpkin Ginger Bark and Patchouli will come out when the wind changes, the first storms of the season arrive and life becomes more focused around being at home.

The Lush BathBombs I picked up this time where:  French Kiss with thyme and lavender oil.  Intergalactic with peppermint. Great for sore muscles. Frozen- with Neroli Oil. Rosejam with Turkish rose oil and Twilight with Tonka and lavender oil.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this haul and would love to hear what your favourite scents are and what feelings or memories they evoke.




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