The Bell Witch Manor Shop Has Arrived!

I was never one of those children who were afraid of the dark or of ghosts.  I quite liked talking to them. I played with an ‘imaginary’ friend until the age of 5. At 6 I began calling myself a Witch.  I would spend hours in my backyard stirring concoctions in a plastic bucket cauldron, each ingredient had it’s own magickal property;  leaves, flowers, grasshoppers, mud.  All under the watchful eye of my ‘woman in the moon’ who I would look up to and talk to from my bedroom window at night.

In University, living in Colombia I formed my first coven with 3 other likeminded girls I met in the choir I sang in.  We practised meditation, healing rituals, divination with tarot cards and full moon rites.  Weekends were spent communing with nature or taking a trip to the shadiest part of downtown Cali where the Brujeria (witchcraft) shops were to stock up on candles and anointing oils.  The first time I stepped foot  in one of these stores, with products literally stocked up to the ceiling, this vision of having my own shop one day began to emerge.

20 Years have gone by and that dream has been alive in my minds eye.  I am excited today on the Full Moon of May to welcome you all to my dream come reality.

Welcome to the Bell Witch Manor Magickal Shop.  I offer more than 6,000 products ranging from Crystals, Candles, Ritual Tools and Teas to Buddhist, Hindu, Fairies, Egyptian and Angel products. Step inside the Manor, take your time and if you need help finding anything, just give me a shout. I’ll be in the kitchen conjuring up endless possibilities.


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