April Favourites

Hello friends!  These are the things I’ve been using and loving this month

1. Reading  –  At different times, in conversation with my boyfriend I’ve said things that he’s said sounded like something out of a Carlos Castaneda book.  I  had heard about him many times and was curious.  Luckily he has the entire collection from this author. I’m almost nearing the end of the first one and it’s been an interesting journey.. looking forward to the next ‘trip’.

what Im reading


2.   Mid Afternoon Power Snack –  I’m one of those people that “crash” in the afternoon.  About 3 -4 pm, visions of sweets, muffins and Starbucks hot chocolate start dancing in my head.  I wanted to find an alternative, something healthier that would sustain me until dinner. By adding protein to each one of my meals and snacks I feel satisfied longer.  Berries with cottage cheese and nuts is one of those snacks.  Almond butter with apples has become another favourite as well.

packed lunches:healthy snacks protein


3. Coocoo For Coconut – Every year, around the same time and after our long, dark, wet coastal winters, the sun comes out and with it my obsession with everything coconut.  I plan to spend a few months out of the year in Hawaii at some point in my life and in the meantime it’s coconut shampoo, conditioner, perfume and this amazing organic bath and shower cream.  Leaves my skin soft and with a light breezy scent of how I imagine Oahu must smell.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.21.52 PM

4.  The Art of Gardening –  Who said apartment living means you can’t have a garden?  I’ll admit, it’s taken me a few seasons and lot’s of reading to understand how to care for the herbs and plants I enjoy growing and the garden is looking really sweet this year.  I especially enjoy growing culinary herbs to compliment my love for cooking.  It’s really satisfying to step outside in the middle of a recipe and hand pick fresh basil, oregano or rosemary you’ve grown yourself.  Fresh herbs also give your dishes a much richer flavour than the dried herbs you buy at the store.  This year I’m branching out and growing tomatoes and onions too.

garden patio:small spaces


5. New Seasons of my Favourite Shows –  I watched Alone on History Channel last year and couldn’t wait for the new season to start.  10 people, dropped off at different remote locations along the North West coast of Vancouver Island with only 10 self chosen tools.  Who will survive the longest?  Keep in mind that Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of black bear, cougars and wolves which takes the game to a different level.  Each contestant documents, with their own camera, their time Alone.  I have a complete obsession for the forests and climate of the Pacific Northwest. I’m also really interested in wilderness survival.  This show does it all for me.

what Im watching



6. Products That Make Life Easier –  This month I’ve been loving these two products.  First, the Gel Top Coat from Essence.  Nothing is more frustrating than doing your nails only to have them chip by the next day.  This product not only makes my mani last a good week but it’s also dirt cheap.  Shopper Drugmart $3. 49.
My second product is the Bioderma tanning spray.  We just went through a bizarre heat wave in April. Temperatures of 26 degrees in early spring are not a regular occurrence . This also means the dresses came out but that doesn’t mean the pastey pale skin has to too!  Prep your skin in the shower with a good scrub and apply  for a golden glow.  It’s a spray so you don’t have to worry about getting it all over your hands. Bonus.


7. Fun Shoes –  We see a lot of rain during the winter months and that usually means I’m wearing my Hunter Wellies or leather boots of some kind.  Because I’m not a heel girl (although I do wear them to go out), I like to have a few pairs of good flats for Spring and Summer.  My boyfriend got me a certificate to Gravity Pope for Valentine’s Day and I thought I would get myself a basic black flat to match everything in my closet.  As soon as I arrived my eyes landed on these pony hair leopard print ones. That was that.  Screw practical. Life is short,  go for fabulous instead.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.23.06 PM

8. That Glow –  Nars Cosmetics has this amazing cult classic blush and lipstick called Orgasm. It’s a peachy, pinky shade with golden flecks that makes your cheeks looked just that perfect balance of flushed and glowing.  The only problem with it is that is like $40! So in my quest for the perfect dupe I came across this blush by ELF and I can safely say, it is exactly the same shade only it’s $3.99 at London Drugs.  Boom!

ELF twinkle Pink


Would love to hear what you’ve been loving so drop me a line any time.

Thanks for reading.




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