Essential Oils Derived from Spring Flowers

A clear representation of the arrival of Spring is Nature bursting with colourful flowers.  Not only beautiful to the eye;  many have exceptional health (physical and mental) benefits.  I’ve compiled a list of Essential Oils made with the petals of fragrant flowers and their uses in Aromatherapy. I will share not only the medicinal properties here but psychological profiles as well. Blessed Spring.


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Jasmine –  The main effect of this fragrant oil (known as the King of Perfumes in india) is on the emotions.  jasmine is an antidepressant that helps increase self-confidence.  It is most effective in cases where psychological stress is creating physical discomfort, soothing tight muscles including the relief of menstrual cramping.

Psychological Profile – Use jasmine if you are going through a time of trauma or grief. Jasmine encourages you to accept the experiences of life by promoting enjoyment and relaxation.



Clary Sage – An excellent oil in treating post natal depression and many stress related diseases.  During labour, it can be massaged into the lower back to ease pain. It aids in excessive perspiration associated with hot flushes and is excellent in relieving spasmodic cough.

Psychological Profile – An appropriate oil if you are naturally fearful or have become run down or may have a lack of will to carry on. A family history of depression perhaps linked to hardships as a child may have subjected you to pessimism and negativity.  Clary Sage encourages optimism for life.

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Rose – Rose is used primarily in reproduction and sexuality. For menopausal woman, Rose will relieve heavy and painful periods.  For men, rose increases sperm count.  The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil are great in treating gastric ulcers/gastroenteritis as it regenerates damaged intestinal walls. A great oil to use in the treatment of chronic constipation.

Psychological Profile –  Rose is appropriate if you’ve grown up with a romantic picture of love far removed from reality.  Because reality sometimes doesn’t live up to your expectations, you might become resentful and bitter. Rose helps to remove feelings of frustration and allows you to love in a way that is understanding and tolerant of human nature.



Ylang Ylang – A very useful oil in the treatment of stress, anxiety and tension.  Ylang Ylang has a sedating and calming effect on the nervous system. An important oil in the treatment of high blood pressure and tachycardia (abnormally rapid heart beat). It also soothes palpitations associated with panic. An aphrodisiac for both men and woman, this oil dispels stress and relaxes inhibitions.

Psychological Profile – This is a great oil to use if you push yourself to work hard and take on more commitments than you can handle. You have forgotten to let go and enjoy yourself which in turn leaves you irritable and with a lack of control.  Ylang Ylang helps you to reprioritize so you can enjoy yourself again.



Lavender – One of the most versatile oils, Lavender has mild analgesic properties making it an important oil in treatment of migraines, neuralgia, shingles, sciatica and muscular pains and rheumatism.  Massage a few drops around the ear for earaches in children.  Lavender is also very helpful in skin conditions, wounds, burns, sores and is one of the few oils that can be used on the skin without diluting.

Psychological Profile – If you are a sensitive person that gets embarrassed easily you need lavender to help with inhibitions.  You may have learned to conceal your shyness by being practical and organized yet behind this you feel vulnerable to other people.  Lavender will help you accept your sensitivity so that you can make the most of new situations and express yourself clearly.



Neroli – A natural antispasmodic, Neroli makes a good remedy for digestive cramps and diarrhoea.  The main action of Neroli is on the nervous system and is helpful for people who are feeling exhausted, confused and are having trouble sleeping.  This oil is also excellent in the treatment of mature skin, wrinkles and broken capillaries.  Applied during pregnancy, it will prevent stretch marks as it is said to stimulate the elimination of dead skin cells.

Psychological Profile – You are a somewhat private person, seemingly calm and reserved but to others you may come off as aloof and rather sophisticated.  Under this appearance you might be concealing anxiety and worry.  Neroli allows you to relax and become more in touch with your heart which in turn leads you to feeling less remote from other people.



Geranium – An appropriate oil in the treatment of chronic cystitis with burning urination. Also a good oil for the skin.  Its balancing properties help both oil and dry skin and is excellent in the treatment of eczema.  The calming effects of Geranium make it appropriate for people who awake at night experiencing palpitations, panic and hot flushes.

Psychological Profile – Geranium is the oil to use if you have become stuck in life and are afraid to move forward to the next stage. You may have lost confidence in the natural flow of life and are feeling defensive and fearful. By using Geranium, you will feel relieved of these feeling enabling you to move on and enjoy life as it comes.



Chamomile –  The main properties are soothing the nervous and digestive systems.  Because of it’s low toxicity, it can be used on children as well in treating diarrhoea, digestive upsets and colic.  It has natural pain relieving properties excellent for teething pain. Chamomile’s soothing effect on the nervous system is helpful in relieving insomnia, irritability and nervousness.  It is also very good and healing allergic skin conditions and eczema.

Psychological Profile – This oil soothes defensive behaviour and emotional overreactions in adults and children who are very sensitive and feel misunderstood.  It will enable you to express your sensitivity and in turn calm your nervousness.

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