March Favourites

These are the things I’ve been loving in March.

  1. Fresh Flowers – Spring is definitely in the air . The sun has begun  to peak out more and more from behind the late winter grey sky.  Bringing fresh cut flowers immediately  brighten my home.  Tulips are some of the first flowers that appear at my local shop.  A vase of soft pink, white and yellow tulips in my kitchen make the space cheerful and come alive which is what springtime is all about.

.flowers tulips

2. Generate App:  Download Generate onto your phone for free and receive amazing filters that are customizable, they react to music and can be overlapped with other filters and photos.  You instantly become an artist putting out unique images like this one below created by my boyfriend on our most recent hike to SandCut Beach on Vancouver island.




3. Soft & Healthy Hair:  I have very long hair.  Garnier recently launched this new line I’m loving of Shampoo, Conditioners, Leave in un-tangling spray and Hair masques.  The scents are lovely;  apple, coconut, vanilla and the one I’ve been using – Honey.

hair care


4.  Iris Grace’s Art:  I was deeply touched by a story CNN ran on Iris Grace,  A 6 year old girl within the Autism spectrum who has been compared to painters like Monet.  She has limited language but creates these stunning paintings, one of which I received as an anniversary gift (I can’t wait to see it on my wall above the piano).  Take a moment to visit her website. She is a very inspiring little girl and her relationship with her cat Thula will make your day better.  – This is her piece called BlueBells.

bluebells_Iris Grace

5.  Black Spuce & Sweet Birch Essential Oils:  My work entails hours of sitting as I juggle emails, media requests from clients and answer phones.  Stretching is essential and I learned my lesson from not taking a break in the day to do so. I spent a few days this month with sciatic pain and numbing on the back of my thigh.  I’m not a fan of taking medication freely for every small malady so aside from amping up my yoga stretches,  I used these essential oils (a few drops mixed into my regular body lotion) massaged directly on to the area.  Sweet Birch is known as “natures aspirin” and was widely used by Native American peoples as a pain reliever.


6. Floral Bedding: I really like to give my home a little facelift when the season changes.  The plaid flannel sheets, soft chenille blankets and winter themes pillows and candles will be stored for next Autumn.  HomeSense, Pottery Barn and Bed,Bath & Beyond are great places to find quality bedding.  I like the idea of floral bedding for spring and summer.  They remind me of an English country cottage.

floral bedding for spring and summer




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