Cozy Homes From My Favourite Movies

One thing about being an introvert is that we not only internalize everything but we also have very vivid imaginations.  Whenever someone is telling me a story, I usually visualizing it in my minds eye like the scene from a movie.  Because of this I feel that my love of cinema has to do strongly with the pleasure escaping reality brings. I can be one of the characters and,  I can live in their homes.  These are some of my favourite movie homes. They are places I’ve revisited during meditation or dreamed up as my future house.  Imagining isn’t only for kids.  Or maybe it is and I just never lost it.  In any case, here they are. Step in, take a seat and relax.

  1.  RoseHill Cottage from the movie THE HOLIDAY

Tucked in at the end of a snowy country lane “just 40 minutes outside London”, RoseHill Cottage is just how one would envision everyone lives in the English countryside.  Fireplaces in each room, mismatched chic furniture picked up at the flea market or inherited from a grandparent.  I would have to find a very important reason to ever leave.



2. The Hadleyville Farmhouse from the movie BABY BOOM

Because JC Wyatt (the main character played by Diane Keaton) has such a fast paced New York City life in the first half of the movie, the contrast of her move upstate really brings the pace down.  Dry wells, snow coming through the roof, plaid and whiskers. I still find this home so comfy and in my own version would have more than enough money to restore it just like JC does and live happily ever after.

baby-boom-housebabyboomthadleytownbaby boom


3.  Bramasole from the movie UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN

Whenever I’m on vacation I always feel like I’m suddenly a new person and come home wishing, sometimes planning on moving away and starting a new life.  I can’t imagine in real life buying a dilapidated villa in Tuscany would be very fun, especially with the love/ more hate relationship I have with physical labour. The home that Frances creates in the end however is straight out of a fairy tale. The key word being HOME in it’s true meaning – a place for love, family, friendships and celebrating life.



4. The Cullen (aka Hoke) House from the movie TWILIGHT

Some love it,  other’s hate it but when I read the first chapter of Twilight I was hooked from the description Stephanie Meyers gave of  my beloved pacific northwest rainforest home (try saying that really fast 5 times).  When the first movie came out with it’s grey lighting, incessant rain and the emerald green moss coving everything in the sleepy town of Forks Washington,  I was sucked (no pun intended) into the world of the Cullen vampires.  Who by the way if you haven’t watched the series, are the best dressed vampires ever.  They drive the sexiest cars and live in my dream home.  This house is actually in Oregon and is called the Hoke House. Modern yet organic. Floor to ceiling windows and oh! the trees, trees, trees. If I can’t  have a mountain/ocean view, give me trees.

CullenHouse twilightcullenhokehouse2Twilight-New-Moon-House-4cullen house


5. The Plaza Hotel NYC Suite from the movie HOME ALONE LOST IN NEW YORK

This is a vacation!  A week alone at the Plaza Hotel in one of their finest suites. Room service, a tour in your own limo with a personal pizza!  I’m so doing this one day.



6. The Owens Sisters home from the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC

This movie takes place in New England supposedly but was actually filmed in Langley Whidbey Island in Washington state.  I’ve visited a couple of times.  It’s a quaint sea side town like the movie, lined with white picket fences and orchards.  I’d buy this house just for the gorgeous greenhouse/apothecary and tower to jump off of at Halloween with my broomstick. Couldn’t imagine anyone but witches living here.

practical magic1practical magic4practicalmagic3pracrticalmagic2




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