February Favourites

It’s that time again.  Time to share the items I’ve been using and wearing and watching and loving this month.

What I’m Watching:  There are few shows I watch that I’m hooked on from the very first episode.  Usually it takes a few to warm up to the characters and story.  Vikings had me from day one.  With almost a year wait between seasons,  Season 4 was very welcome at home this week.


Getting In Shape:  I’m mostly a low impact exercise person; swimming, hiking, yoga make me feel relaxed and renewed.  I wanted to challenge myself however this year to work on my cardio.  As a kid I was a fast sprinter, 100, 200 meters. What I was never great at was length running.  I found this program called Couch to 5 Km and as the name suggests, you go from not being a runner to 5 km in 6 weeks!  I run on the treadmill when it’s rainy out and run outside on sunny days.  I feel great!

couch to 5 k

February Winter Storms:  I can’t complain, our winters in BC are  fairly warm compared to the rest of Canada and I certainly can’t complain about all the rain we get.  Of any type of weather, give me rain.  I’ve actually googled the rainiest, foggiest places in the world and will someday own a vacation home in Cape Disappointment Washington, DownEast Main and  another in foggy Glasgow Scotland!  We are in a rainforest after all and this last week it was proven to us by the incessant downpour we received.  Don’t tell the complainers but I was in heaven!


I Love A Deal:  A few weeks ago my sister and I visited the craft store Michaels to pick up some crystals for the sun catchers we were making.  I just happened to walk over the the Sale section and I’m so glad I did.  I found a huge collection of lovely crystal costume jewelry and all the earrings were $2, yes!  I picked up a few sets and have gotten so many compliments on them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.30.10 AM

Retro Decor: I recently transformed our second bedroom into a sitting room.  I wanted to be able to see the rain out the window from the comfy chair I placed in the corner while reading. Blinds or curtains would defeat that purpose.  I remembered a series I loved called The Good Witch on Hallmark and she had a beautiful beaded curtain in her room.  I found the site http://www.shopwildthings.com and ordered this lovely crystal curtain and it’s perfect. The light catches it and it sparkles on sunny days and when it’s cloudy, the beads remind me of rain drops.

crystal curtain shop wildthings


Non-Boring Neutrals: Essies “Eternal Optimist” is a creamy antique rose colour.  I wanted a neutral colour but find pale pinks and beige don’t compliment my skin.  When I saw this colour I figured, because it’s muted,  it would work well as a neutral and I think I was right. I quite like it and it’s a lovely shade for winter when I don’t want a dark red or the jewel tones I’m more attracted to during the Holiday season.

Essie Eternal Optimist  as a neutral


Double Exposure:  I’m feeling really connected to the art of Andreas Lie from Norway. This is a painting but is inspired by the photography technique called Double Exposure where you take two photos and overlap them.  I find this piece with the powerful spirit bison and the forest very peaceful.

double exposureNorwegian visual artist Andreas Lie


Products That Make Life Easier:  I like to wear make up. Makeup is the way I express myself, it’s art!   I never sleep in it thought but there are evenings, after a party or even when Im just too tired to jump in the shower, that I need to remove my makeup completely and quickly.  This product is the best.  Just soak two cotton pads in Bioderma’s Micellar Water and swipe over your face. It literally  melts makeup away like magic, is dermalogically tested, non scented and will not irritate eyes.  It even easily removes fake lashes.



That’s all folks!




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