Journalling for Mental Health

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Of all of the techniques or practices I have learned throughout  my journey in healing Anxiety and Agoraphobia, one of the most meaningful and helpful for me has been journalling.   I’ve always loved to write and deeply enjoy a new book with blank pages ready to be filled with heartfelt thoughts, feelings, quotes and lessons.  There is something freeing in taking thoughts, whether they’re filled with love or fear, and writing them down to revisit in the future as a testament of what you’ve been through, what you’ve overcome, how amazing your life is.

I just love when I’m writing and have an a-ha! moment. Today I had one as I was writing about Anxiety so I’ve decided to share and perhaps it might help you too. It is quite simple but sometimes the best solutions are over looked because of their simplicity.

February 14th 2016

“So Anxiety should basically be thought of as an emotion; like sadness, happiness, excitement.  And if you think that in order to feel these emotions you must tie a thought to them to fuel them as well as to appease them, then think of it like this:  When you’re sad, you’re thinking sad thoughts.  Maybe you listen to a song or read a poem or quote that makes you feel sad and the feeling grows.  But you can turn that around in a fairly quick manner by doing the opposite which might be; going for a walk, watching a funny movie, calling a friend and laughing, soon you’re not sad anymore.  The same could apply to your anxiety.  When you’re anxious, what are the words you are telling yourself?  “I’m afraid”.  “I can’t do this”.  “I always fail”.  Whatever it is, these thoughts are what begin to fuel the fear, the doubt and many times becomes a panic attack.  What if, when you are anxious for any reason, you thought “I am safe wherever I am”.  “I deserve to experience this moment”.  “I will live in love and not in fear”.   Perhaps it wouldn’t be immediate, just like it takes a moment to tip other emotions to their opposite spectrum. But you will begin to practice this and you will begin to create a different pattern in your mind as you begin to believe what you are hearing in your inner monologue and then real change sets in.  “


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