January Favourites

Happy New Year everyone!  These are the things I’ve been using and loving in January.

READING:  I got this book for Christmas and started reading it during our trip to Banff. Seriously, I feel like I wrote this book.  It’s a story about living with mental illness and how having a sense of humour and choosing to be happy can be the best therapy you can gift yourself.  I haven’t laughed out loud this much with a book (since I read the Catcher in the Rye – yes that book makes me laugh) in a long time.


LOVING:  My mother recommended this a while back and they’re so awesome I thought I’d share.  The kit comes with a clothing bag, dry cleaning sheets and stain removing spray.  You can dry clean up to 4 pieces of clothing, place them in the bag with a sheet, 30 minutes in the dryer and your clothes are clean and fresh.  Perfect for my “hand wash only” or “do not tumble dry” pieces, including cashmere sweaters. Kit comes with 6 sheets = 24 pieces of clothes. Cheaper than the dry cleaner.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.58.47 PM

EATING: As soon as these show up at the grocery store around December, Im snacking on them. Did you know that mandarines are one of the only fruit that can clear tar from the lungs of smokers? Vitamin C never tasted better.


LISTENING TO: I’ve recently started a running program and music is key to keeping me going.  I asked for this for Christmas so that I can block out the noise of the city (or people at the gym), get into my zone and go.  Pitbull, Lady Gaga & Calle 13 are on my playlist to run to.



GRATEFUL FOR:  My thumb nail on my right hand insists on breaking way too high up to clip it (I think it’s because I write a lot and press really hard with my pen).  I’ve tried all kinds of things I’ve seen on Pinterest to repair it.  I walked into the drugstore recently and saw THIS!! Nailene brush on nail glue.   It’s so simple; just brush it once over the cracked nail, hold it 5 seconds and do your mani as regular.  I love things that make my life easier.

Nailene Glue

HOME SWEET HOME:   I’m one of those people who need a purpose. I always have a list of things to do.  My latest project is converting our second bedroom (which I call the ‘crazy’ room right now due to the lack of purpose of it as well as the fact we just store things we don’t want to see anywhere else in our house there) into a sitting/reading room.  I picked up these rustic frames last week and framed some of my photography to display in this room.  When it’s done I’ll blog about it (note to self: add blogging about this room to my list of things to do).


COMFY & COZY: I’ve been living in these recently; soft drapey jersey v-neck tees.  I wear them for lounging around at home, casual weekend outfits and working out.  They come in a value pack of 3 on asos.com.

3 pack TO WEAR


I’d love to hear what your favourite things are so drop me a line any time.

Thanks for reading.





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