5 Simple New Years Resolutions

2015 was the first time in many years that I arrived at New Years Eve without any defined resolutions for the coming year.  I’m all for positive thinking and setting goals but for a resolution, something I will practice for an entire year (and develop lifelong habits in some cases) I wanted to keep them simple and in tune with who I really am.  I guess they’re not really resolutions as much as a reminder to revisit the things that, with our busy day to day life we lose touch with.  Here are my 5 simple New Years Resolutions.

Yoga/Meditation – I seem to respond better to low impact exercise; walking, swimming… and Yoga is a practice I incorporated into my life almost 20 years ago.  My mind rests happily in the slow progression of movement, breathing and stretching that is yoga.  I quickly find aches and pains vanish and feel strong and grounded in my body.  My meditation practice is different. I mostly enjoy seated meditation but depending on what my mind state is, sometimes it will be a quiet guided visualization, walking meditation and other times I find fire breathing and sound meditations (I use my singing bowl or vibrate with the om) helpful in releasing stagnant or even fearful energy.  This year I will continue my Yoga and Meditation Practise.



Fresh Food – I love cooking and am pretty guilty of indulging in all the good things in life: sauces, butter, sweets, wine.  I think everything in moderation is fine. Nothing like robbing the joy out of eating like a diet that restricts you from things you really love (or your social life because you can’t find anything on the menu).  That said, This year I will continue incorporating fresh raw food into my diet and look forward to getting creative with my recipes.  I’ll blog them for you to try too!



Spending time in nature –  This one is a big one for me because I am not a city person at heart.  I enjoy the amenities and conveniences of the city yes, but as an introverted socially anxious person, at times the constant movement and noise gets to me. When this happens, I pack my car and head out on either a day hike in the nearby forests or (if you follow my facebook), a weeklong trek far, far away from civilization.  This year I will make it a point to get out with Mother Nature and hike more often.amazing trees


Spirituality – As a Witch I observe and celebrate the change of seasons, moon phases and milestones life bring us.  Although I do keep the major Sabbats (the solstices and equinoxes) with a feast that I share with loved ones and ritual,  This year I will set more time aside for  Esbat (full moon) Magick and perhaps even share my knowledge (and expand my knowledge) by joining a group of likeminded souls.


Learn – I love to learn.  I read anything and everything but haven’t honed in one or a few things I want to really learn.  I have considered going back to school and changing careers altogether.  That will take a lot more dedication (and money/time) so I will continue to consider it.  In the meantime, I’ve been wanting to really understand the Tarot (without the need of consulting my books).  I bought this beautiful deck last year called the Wild Unknown Tarot and am in the process of setting up a sitting/reading room in our guest bedroom.  It will be a quiet space where I can enjoy my books, blog, play piano and study.  This year I will deepen my understanding of the tarot.


What are your resolutions?

Thanks for reading.




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