20 Days of Must See Christmas Movies

A movie a day to watch until Christmas Eve!

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – It just doesn’t feel like  Christmas until I’ve visited Whoville. How-the-Grinch-Stole-Christmas-christmas-movies-17364433-1067-800
  2. ELF – Funniest Christmas movie aside from my next pick.  It’s Christmas in New York, a great soundtrack and I will never get over the escalator scene.ed28b3ecaf5359c6c971a78055c595fb
  3. Lampoons Christmas Vacation – I am SO Clark Griswold at heart. Squirelllllllllll!!!!! ff108a881ec540f67dd198e143c27fc6
  4. Fred Clause  – I only watched this movie last year and loved it!  The opening story about St.Nicholas and the children that play the character make my heart melt.Fred-Claus-DI
  5. This Christmas – I came across this movie last year while searching for a christmas movie I hadn’t seen.  I enjoyed it enough that I purchased it to add to my collection, plus Chris Browns rendition of  This Christmas is beautiful.833bc8dc679ff44c24172dd27ac67096
  6. Christmas with the Kranks – This movie is so over the top exaggerated, it’s entertaining and has a great cast including Dan Aykroyd and Cheech Marin. + I love Jamie Lee Curtis.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAO-AAAAJGYwZDhkNDkwLTY1ZDYtNDVhZi1iMmNhLTE5Y2ZjYzVlZTBlMg
  7. The Polar Express  –  The message in the heartfelt animation is so worth watching.03
  8. Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe  – Not necessarily Christmas but the winter landscapes and Mr. Tumnus’ home make me feel all warmand cozy .e72cb11f97ef59ce676a6a4d48318805
  9. The Holiday  – I love this romantic comedy written by the queen of romance herself, Nancy Myers.  Great cast and Cameron Diaz wardrobe made me actually go online and shop after I watched this for the first time! d8d62e45789f881807af0def7a3d4cd1
  10. One Magic Christmas – I love this sad but beautiful film. Santa’s workshop and home in the North Pole is just as one would imagine it.358ddc3e4cecddb90bd264b6d928e8c9
  11. Home Alone Lost in New York – Although I love both of the Home Alone movies, Lost in New York is my favourite. A Holiday at the Plaza Hotel would be a dream come true. ab464aa08017f15e96f1f1d3edea968d
  12. Eloise at Christmastime – I feel like this movie has been overlooked.  It is for children definitely but if you’re like me and are familiar with the Eloise books (written in the 50s’) you’ll appreciate how they’ve brought the book to life in this film.  Eloise lives at the plaza hotel in New York City and gets in all sorts of mischief.  Watch it with your kids. 991be7a9a500a6beeca92652618e134b
  13. Bad Santa – Foul mouthed, alcoholic, terrible human being. No one better than Billy Bob for this character.  You have to have a good sense of humour and a tolerance for a lot of cursing.  It’s pretty funny though.bad
  14. A Miracle of 34th Street – Yesterday was American Thanksgiving and I like to watch this movie as my first of the season. The movie begins with the Thanksgiving parade in NYC and is a sweet Christmas story about Faith and Love.1450900191-country-listings-miracle-34th-movie-1215
  15. A Christmas Carol – I had overlooked this one for a few years only because it was animated and am so glad I gave it a chance.  It’s amazing! I only wish I could watch it in 3D.Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 10.04.32 PM
  16. The Family Stone – love, love, love the cast and coming home for Christmas feeling of this film.  Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson.. need I say more?2eae6f14cf20648b934097ba07431834
  17. A Charlie Brown Christmas –  You all know this one well. Jazzy Soundtrack. Classic.  Period. 4763792c5323b0946f7b20c793d48d09
  18. A Christmas Story  – So many quotes we all used from this movie – Fragile!  You’ll shoot your eye out!  and it scared us enough to never stick our tongue to a pole. eee3139145e72abdb43d0cb0e9f7effa
  19. Four Christmases – Another relatively new movie I’ve added to my must list in the last few years.  I’m a Reese Witherspoon fan and will watch anything with her anyway but the rest of the cast!: sissy spacek, vince vaughn, john farveau, robert duvall, mary steenburgen, john voight,  hello!!.Four-Christmases
  20. Love Actually –  A sweet, romantic Christmassy comedy mixed in with heartbreak.  I’ve wanted to spend a Christmas in London ever since I watched this. d74e2994a67c6e6683c232431310e69d
  21. BONUS: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer  – Who hasn’t watched this one?  We watched it at home, we watched it at school.


Happy Christmas!



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