The Art of Cozy


giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation

“a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees”
snug, comfortable, warm, homelike, homey


I think the reason I welcome the Autumn months is because I’m a homebody and an introvert at heart. Aside from the word LOVE,  COZY would have to be my next favourite word,  and the weather at this time is perfect for just this.

There’s something about certain places and scents that bring about a sense of comfort and safety. Your breathing slows. There is nothing to do but just be.


Just as nature returns to slumber in the earth to be reborn at spring,  Autumn is a the time to slow down, reap the harvest of seeds planted earlier in the year and think about setting goals for the new year.

“Why would I ever leave my house when everything I need is here”  Marilyn Manson


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  1. Lookin’ good Jenn.

  2. Sandra Nuñez says:

    I love the feeling of cozy too…a cup of tea, blanket and a book/magazine.

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